jrpn15.linalg library Null safety




decomposeLU(Matrix m) → void
Do an LU decomposition with row permutations, and with perturbations, if needed, to avoid a singular matrix. This is hoped to be compatible with the 15C's LU decomposition using the Doolittle method, as mentioned in the HP 15C Advanced Functions book, page 83. It's a port of la4j's RawLUCompositor.decompose() (in Java), cross-checked against Thomas Manz's ::matrix::dgetrf (TCL), which appears to trace back to LAPACK (Fortran).
determinant(Matrix mat) double
frobeniusNorm(AMatrix mat) double
invert(Matrix m) → void
Invert m in place.
rowNorm(AMatrix mat) double
solve(Matrix a, AMatrix b, AMatrix x) → void
Solve the system of linear equations AX = B. This is a port of la4j's ForwardBackSubstitutionSolver.solve.